Ponte Buriano and Mona Lisa - Arezzo

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Mona Lisa and Buriano Bridge

We no longer have   the Mona Lisa?   We  have Buriano   Bridge   ... near   Arezzo, 10   minutes by car or   bus. 

It was built   around   the second half   of 1200.   Buriano   bridge,   the bridge   of the Mona Lisa: Leonardo da   Vinci   knew   this place   and  this is proved by a map of the area   preserved   in Windsor, drawn by him.   The   most brilliant   intuition   is that   the area   with   Aretino   Buriano   Bridge   is the landscape   of the Mona Lisa's   enigmatic painting.   Behind her   smiling face   you can see the   humpbacked bridge   identified by some   scholars   and even more   in the distance the badlands   of the   Valdarno seem to appear,   eroded   pinnacles   of clay   called "Cliffs".   It's a proof that   Leonardo   had   in his mind   the geography   of these   places.
The   Mona Lisa, the best known and   admired picture of the world, now is   in the Louvre. “ Its landscape   still throbbing  is Buriano   Bridge"   (Charles   Starnazzi).   Arezzo   and its territory   has   expanded its   geographical limits in a short time and achieved   a   planetary resonance.
The   Mona Lisa   Leonardo   Da   Vinci   ...   No land   can   boast   of a celebrity   so abrupt.
I think we should   absolutely   support this   unexpected, but actual union after the studies   of Prof.Carlo   Starnazzi, passionate   student of   Leonardo,   have   highlighted the   relationship   that the artist   Leonardo had with   the land of   Arezzo and proved   how the represented landscape   behind   the Mona   Lisa   is   the one   identified   in   the   town of Ponte   Buriano   and   Valdarno’ cliffs.
Television and   newspapers around the   world have   repeatedly   concerned,   continue   and certainly   will continue   to be interested in   these   fascinating   discoveries.