Sleep in Tuscany, choose Hotel Aretino on via Francescana or Germanica

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I discovered the existence of the Via Romea Germanica in June, staying in a small village that is located along the way and where they sold the guide ..

A journey that unites the Brenner in Rome in Italy, a great journey through places to strangers.

Nature, culture, gastronomy. A real MERAVIGLIA. The entire route starts from the north of Germany, was the abbot Alberto da Stade in the second half of 1200 to walk the path from Stade (in Germany) to Rome and left a manuscript in which, in the form of dialogue, tells a lot detailed the best routes to reach Rome.

Unfortunately I did not have the 46 days necessary to cover the entire route from the Brenner to Rome (about 1000km), so I was content to take a small but beautiful stretch that goes from Forlì to Arezzo, about 180 km in a week. In this path you pass the mythical Passo Serra that was very popular over the centuries by pilgrims and travelers who walked the Via Romea that was in fact called the "Via Romea dell'Alpe di Serra". In the Serra Alps I opted for a variant of the route, instead of going through the Valle Santa, I decided to reach the sanctuary of La Verna.

There is a beautiful site:

And an excellent guide: The Via Romea Germanica published by Terre di Mezzo


Difficulty level

The stages I have covered have all been very different from each other.

To face a journey, however, you must always be well trained.

The risk is not to fully enjoy the experience, to get injured, ruin the journey and bring home a bad memory. In this section the climb to the Serra Pass is undoubtedly the most demanding part. I will speak later on every single stage. The route is well marked, but I have lost a couple of times.

Where to sleep on the Via Romea Germanica?

Along the way there are several villages that offer various lodgings, B & B, farmhouses, hotels, see Hotel Aretino in Arezzo.

Always better to contact them in time because I happened to find several closed and in Santa Sofia the hostel was full for a congress. Then if you also contact the parishes should offer hospitality. But always better to make a phone call.

Day 1 Forlì-Cusercoli

Km: 28.3 (I made about 35 because I got lost ...)

Difficulty: long but easy

Difference in height: 360 m ascent down 270 m

Road: dirt 52% - Asphalt: 48%


I leave Forlì at 7, I stayed at the B & B Terrace of Olives, very close to the start of the journey, in front of the church of Ronco. The atmosphere is ghostly, it's humid, drizzling and I wonder ... "but who made me do it?". But after a while I was forwarded in the path I'm happy to have left, because I meet many animals, deer, hares, pheasants, squirrels. A show.

You walk along the river Ronco quite a bit, then you go into the countryside. I can get lost, and I realize it only after almost an hour of walking, so I lose some time.

In Fratta Terme begins the Apennines. The places are very beautiful. In Meldola I stop for a sandwich and then leave. In the afternoon arrival in Cusercoli. A very picturesque village. I am housed in the parish rectory. I know Signora Paola who takes care of the parsonage and who looks after two gentlemen over ninety who are happy to have a chat with me. The only pizzeria in the village is closed because it's Monday and I'm so hungry ... I save the kiosk of Grazia, an extra-luxury kiosk that makes the typical tortello slab stuffed with pumpkin and potatoes. Really good! I advise!

2nd day Cusercoli-Santa Sofia

Km: 20.5

Difficulty: medium

Difference in height: ascent 680 m downhill 550 m

Road: dirt 45% - Asphalt: 55%

Today the route is a bit more challenging because there is a bit 'of difference in level compared to yesterday's stage. I leave at 8 from Cusercoli. I walk along the beautiful little paths in the hills, through picturesque abandoned villages. Step Civitella and then Galeata. At Pianetto, fraction of Galeata, there is a ruined castle, very fascinating, the path passes right next to it. After a few kilometers I arrive in Santa Sofia, called the little Florence. Accommodation at the Youth Hostel, located in an old palace in the historic center. Ceno all'Antica Osteria del Borgo, a really nice place. The staff is very kind and even the dishes are good. I retire to my apartments early because I am destroyed, but first I fall in love with a micro-library located outside the hostel where you can pick up and store books. I want one even in front of my clinic.


3rd day Santa Sofia - Bagno di Romagna

Km: 24.3

Difficulty: demanding (in my opinion not so much, the difference in level was distributed homogeneously)

Difference in height: ascent 920 m downhill 640m

Road: dirt 50% - Asphalt: 50%

Good luck!