International Competition of the Polifonico Guido d'Arezzo

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International Competition of the Polifonico “Guido D’Arezzo” last week of august 2016
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Since 1953 it has constituted the most important stage for the coral expressions of the entire world an incomparable variety of repertoires, styles, authors and a precious stimulus for a rigorous interpretative research philologically founded, considering the selective criteria of the groups and the artistic order and organization of the competition. At the International Polifonic competition the winning choir of the national competition “City of Victory”of Vittorio Veneto paticipates by right; in the category in the Benevatian choir section. The” Canto Monodico Cristiano” choir winners of the Benevitian choir section of the national contest in Benevento, will also participate by right.
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International composition competition of “Guido D’Arezzo” 
Founded in 1974 as a conseguence to the international contest,  takes place annually with the ends of enriching and qualifying the coral repertory in the direction of contemporary music. Without doubt the function is the rediscovery of the choral and composing stimulus: up to today over two thousand operas of composers from all over the world have arrived, operas which are awaiting to be catagorized in the archives of the foundation.
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Grand European prize of Chorus Choir
The gran European Prize for Chorus Choir was born as an initiative of the International Competition of Arezzo. Debree (Hungary), Gorizia(Italy), and Tours (France). After which  other competitions from Varna (Bulgaria) an Tolosa (Spain) were added. The winners of each of these contests reunite the year after to dispute the Grand European Prize for Chorus Choir. The competition takes place every year alternating the premises of the competition promoters.
National Polifonic Competition Guido D’Arezzo
The National competition Guido D’Arezzo began in 1984. Since the 2000 edition it has taken place on the inside of the International competition to favour the comparison and the contact of the  Italian choirs with the reality of the whole world. At the National Polifonic competition by right the winning choir from the National Polifonic competition of Benevento may participate. 
Here the archive of past editions