Parking free at 150 m

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Stop at Via Roma, 7 on 4 parking spaces for loading - unloading of our Aretino Hotel and Hotel Portici, you get out of the Piazza Guido Monaco. Parking in Piazza S. Adriano, from 19.00 to 08.30. Free parking 24/24, Via Giotto (150 meters) or Garage Mecenate e.3,00 day.

Parking Station 100 meters from the hotel, via Assab to 50 m, parking Cadorna (100m) at 1,30. 

Other parkings: Via Spinello (50 m) and parking Eden (300m)

Stop your car in Via Roma, 18  leave the luggage at our Hotel Aretino and park in Via Giotto on the free parking.