Hotel Aretino

An authentic, immersive experience

Hotel Aretino

Welcome to our hotel, where we value our guests’ independence,
offering a functional, homely place in the heart of arezzo.

Hotel Aretino 2.0

During the global pandemic in 2021 we had the time to reconceive our hotel in a completely new perspective, modern and close to our guests needs.

We got to work to upgrade and modernize the hotel in order to havea minimalistic design a functional disposal of the furniture.
More precisely, we built a new reception, a new breakfast room, 4 new deluxe rooms and completely renovated 9 of the 27 rooms we have.


Authentic Experience

We believe that a pleasant stay goes far and beyond a place to sleep, it must be an authentic, immersive experience.

That’s why we try to create a bridge between travellers and locals, so that you can live our territory just like we would, free to experience the true nature of our culture.

We decided to give our spaces to emerging artists, organizing events and wine tasting experiences with local productors. We give genuine suggestions to eat out, to explore the city, to discover what you can do here to find our hidden beauties.

Dinamic Relationship

We understood that a dinamic relationship withour guests is key to truly understand what and how we can offer you a dream vacation.

That’s why, thanks to yours precious feedbacks, we decided to regularly change our services and options, so that you can have a tailored and unforgettable experience.

Our breakfast is the best possible example to show our closeness to travellers. We truly care about food allergies and dietary requirements and we bake our own homemade cakes like the typical italian tradition, to make give you a taste of the true Italy.

Sustainability, Pet friendly

We believe in an environmentally sustainable hotel with a zero waste, less plastic value, both in our building that in our souls.

We took the path of sustainable hospitality drastically reducing plastic usage and trying to contribute to the well being of our planet.

We believe our hotel should be like a second home to our guests, that’s why your pets are always more than welcome and are part of the Hotel Aretino family.