Events? Yes please!

The Aretino Hotel is this too

Events? Yes please!
The Aretino Hotel is this too!

Photografic exhibits and live music events, paired up with some good, strictly local wine. These are the ingredients we love for a nice afternoon in our multifunctional  hotel areas to foster our local cultural scene.

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Gea Testi

24th of September 2022

Everything that is lost and found has its own beauty. This collection of photo goes way back, therefore revealing an insight in the personal life of the artist: strange places, room of dear ones full of memories, travels, extraordinary figures and moments of seeming semplicity.

“Dea Gratias”
Flavia Gramaccioni

26th of November 2022

Flavia Gramaccioni’s pictures redeem the staticity of the act of not doing, they’re moved by a dinamic structure in which the observer, in awe, can capture the possibility to talk a unversal language, wheter it’s real or not.

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